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Be ye rich or be ye poor, all are welcome here at Jake & Spaceman’s Garbage Disposal!

Comix & Zines

It’s Just another day #1
(Print Copy)
It’s Just another day #1
Penguicon Variant-Limited Edition
It’s Just another day #2
(Print Copy)
It’s Just another day #2
ConFusion Variant-Limited Edition
Jake -in- “A World of Musicians” ZINE

Jake -in- “The Covid Years” ZINE
Jake -in- Take a Fish
Featuring Young St.Nic
“Another Nothing Message”
A Poetry Zine Written By Nicodemus

Music…it’s like Comix for your ears.

Toxic Crunch – Album & Zine Bundle
Nicodemus & Matchez

Odds & Ends

Nonchalant Cat
Sticker-Limited Edition

Fed Up Cat
Sticker-Limited Edition

Jake & Spaceman’s Garbage Disposal (C) 2011 BluRaven C. Houvener/BCH Comix
All sales are final. No refunds on damaged goods.

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