This Month From B.C.H. Comix

  • March 5th 2022, was Detroit Zine Fest!
    This was BCH Comix’s first in person outing in two years and it was a blast! There were some stellar creators there, the volunteers were super helpful, and the attendees brought with them a love, excitement, and intrigue about the craft.
    The Jam Handy (at 2900 E Grand Blvd, Detroit, MI 48202) was the perfect venue for this event as it’s aesthetic just screamed indie! Show @detzinefest some love on Instagram!
  • June 6th 2022… BCH Comix will be tabling digitally at KC Zine Con!
    Don’t miss us and some awesome zinesters at
  • As it stands…
    BCH Comix’s next outing will be CMPL Comic Con on Saturday, Aug. 13, 2022.
    It will be held at the Clinton Macomb Public Library at 40900 Romeo Plank Road, Clinton Township, MI from 12-6!
  • The Year of Reflection is currently on a temporary hiatus. Watch this page and related social mediums for updates. Thank you for bearing with us while we deal with some things.

Comix & Zine’s

It’s Just another day
Jake’s an average teen looking to make his way in life.
All is going well until he arrives home one day to find a note on his door
that shatters his very world. Thrust into a drifter lifestyle with his folks: a terminally ill rock star,
and a conservative rebel mother. Jake struggles to keep it together under the
pressure of love, life, and the demands of impending manhood.
The Year of Reflection
Jake’s back…but this time he’s taking the back seat to the wacky antics of his best bud, Seeker, and his band:
REFLECTION! Stumble your way through the music underground where everyone is looking for something and life
is a fast paced wild ride!
It’s Just another day – Issue Zero
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PSA Comics & Flyers for Conventions
Free Download
It’s Just another day – Quaranzine
Free Zine Download
Fanminnetastic Zines HalloZine 2020
Free Zine Download / Ready to Print
Lil’ Boy Jake
Free Zine Download
Comic Fury Anthology Zine #2 Holiday Edition – Free Zine Download
Comic Fury Anthology Zine #1
Free Zine Download
Jake in An Amount of Uh Time

Comics Powered By Comic Fury

Under Construction!

Conventions & ZineFests Gone Digital

With Conventions & ZineFests being mostly digital lately with Covid n’ all, I thought it would be a good idea to gather the panels and zine readings BCH Comix has done so that they’re always there for future events! As things are going the selection will be ever growing!

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BCH Comix, It’s Just another day, The Year of Reflection Copyright and Published BluRaven C. Houvener 2011

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