Zedikiah Records…

…is the brainchild of the now departed psych folk legend, Nicodemus, or as he later came to be known: St. Nic of Detroit. Kicking off his musical adventures at the young age of 7 when he picked up his first instrument, a cherry red acoustic guitar, St.Nic lived a life worthy of the heroes of old!

Seeking an escape from the pitfalls of his chaotic home life he left home at 13. At sixteen a run in with a few members of the motor cycle club, Satan’s Last Revenge, left him with a tough decision…ride or die. In time the decision to ride rocketed St.Nic to the coveted position of President. This new found title didn’t deter him from his music though! He recorded under several aliases with the most prominent being Jim Stonefreek, as part of the three piece band, Spellbound Eclipse. It wasn’t until a pit stop in a local mental institution that an ever present vision bestowed upon him the name Nicodemus. Over the coarse of his 54 year career he released a little over 50 projects including solo works, compilations, and joint releases with his younger brother, Matchez, who excelled in music theory, percussion, and engineering. Even in 1990 when an inoperable brain tumor threatened to end not only his career but his life as well, Nicodemus kept fighting. He fought the tumor for 23 years through various therapy’s, a radiation overdose, and herbal practices he learned during his training to become an Apache healer.

He earned the praise and respect of the underground scene getting regular write ups in the local indie mags in the 90s like Orbit, Jam Rag, and Motor Booty to name a few. During that time he took aspiring artists under his wing and rose to a level he cherished: Underground Royalty. He, on more than one occasion, had been quoted as saying, “I’d had enough of being auditioned by record companies and being told that I can’t do it this way.” That attitude and desire to keep his work uncompromised led him to turn down many major labels throughout his years including Motown during it’s rise. Nicodemus remained a true and virtuous entity in the ‘quick to sell ones soul’ music industry until in 2013 he finally lost his fight to cancer.

Even with his passing he still has a dedicated fan base. The tales of Young St.Nic echo through the packed houses of Comic Book Festivals and Zine Fests from the pages of various BCH Comix titles.

Keep an eye on this page and BCH Comix social media as more Nicodemus titles are coming!

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